Examples of past projects

On this page are some examples of work and content I have delivered which demonstrate my broad and versatile skill set,  including content for websites and a Kickstarter campaign, secured catalogue listings, packaging design, lifestyle photography, banner content, end of gondola nationwide retailer roll-outs, video content and voiceover work.





Gren iMedia Website

Apart from producing the content for a successful Kickstarter campaign for Gren iMedia, I also produced much of the content for their revamped website. .



Lifestyle Photo for Gren iMedia

To keep costs down, I offered to take some lifestyle photo shots of our Bluetooth speaker. My wife agreed to model, and I used my own camera in our local park to produce a number of shots which were used in our Kickstarter campaign and website.


Gren iMedia Kickstarter Campaigns

When I was first presented with the skeleton Kickstarter campaign draft content, I realised much work was needed to make it professional and fit for purpose. One major contribution was to completely re-write the script for a product demo video and then again to save costs utilised a friends home studio in which I also performed the voiceover which was then edited and stitched together with the video content.



Trade Show Banner

Producing the layout and content for trade show banners is just another example of my versatility and broad skill set



Orbitsounds End of Gondala

Curry’s Nationwide Roll Out

What started with a strong three minute pitch which I made to the Trading Manager of consumer electronics giant Currys, led to a face to face meeting at the CES Trade Show in Las Vegas which then resulted in my successful negotiation of an exclusive soundbar for Currys& PC World which was promoted as an optional add-on with all TV’s sold through all of their stores nationwide which not only put Orbitsoundfirmly on the map but also was what kickstarted the wider adoption and development of the soundbar market in the UK!



Hero Page in Major Catalogue

Here is just one example of securing a half page feature listing in a major catalogue with prime positioning, achieved at no extra cost because of my extensive contact base and relationships with key people within the consumer electronics & I.T industry.

Evolve Audio Website

The Evolve Audio website was the first website I wrote 95% of the content for and was also integral to layout and design elements too.
Feel free to take a look at www.evolveaudio.co.uk


Example of Logo Design

One of the things I helped to deliver was a name and logo for a new Taiwanese soundbar company. I think it looks rather good, how about you?




Evolve Audio Packaging Design

Packaging Design has become increasingly important as part of any brand and product offering. Using eco-friendly, recyclable materials is important, but so too is ensuring the brand is communicating what they are selling, with good imagery and succinctly communicating the key features and benefits as well as highlighting any stand-out USPs. I designed this box and content for Evolve Audio’s first soundbar and received excellent feedback from retailers who were considering ranging it. It has all the four key elements including product image, feature benefits, spec and what’s inside the box whilst also ensuring the brand is clearly visible so when put on display it draws the consumer over and effectively communicates the product, helping with a potential purchase decision.


Lifestyle Photos

Here are further examples of Lifestyle pictures I took of Gren iMedia’s ‘Mini Ellipse’ speaker. The model was my wife and the location, a park in Pinner.
We did this over a weekend using my own camera. Whilst I’m no professional photographer, it saved the company substantial monies in the early launch phase.